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Our Story

We love Ancient Rome, and all the values and virtues what made Rome great.

Rising from humble beginnings, Rome endured many hardships on its way to greatness. While the Roman Empire ultimately fell, the glory of Rome will live on forever, and is still manifested in western history, culture and philosophy.

It was the moral values and virtues embodied by the Ancient Romans that ultimately made Rome great. While the modern world has lost touch of the higher moral values exhibited by legendary Romans, we still have access to Stoic treatises of Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and Epictetus. We can still read about the achievements and heroic deeds of legendary Romans such as Horatius Cocles, Marcus Curtius, or Gaius Mucius Cordus. And those knowledgeable of history know of Cincinnati and the virtues he embodied, that once were the basis of western civilization.

2000 (2700-1600, depending on how you count) years later we still love ancient and classical Rome. We believe that by wearing Ancient Rome shirts, Roman themed clothing and apparel, all those who value the virtuous Roman people and their many achievements, will pave the road of spreading the values and virtues upon which the whole Western Civilization was built.

We hope you love the Ancient Rome shirts and history merch SPQR Emporium has to offer.